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Photo of a slice of pie. Photo Credit: Kelly D. Gatlin

"Pies are our Passion"

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Regular days and hours have resumed, but we will be closed on Easter Sunday (4/5/15)

We invite you to come to the center of our universe for some truly tasty pie. An easy drive from Albuquerque, less than 3 hours — make the loop, "STOP AT THE TOP" and taste a little slice of heaven. We pride ourselves on baking the best pies in our universe, as well as two entrees daily. You'll also find great conversation and free Wi-Fi. So come on up to the TOP OF THE CONTINENTAL DIVIDE and treat yourself.  

Photo of the Pie-O-Neer building

Pie Lady of Pie Town. A short film by Jane Rosemont

Pie Lady of Pie Town - This link opens in a new window Why did Kathy Knapp, a successful businesswoman, decide to leave her charmed life to bake pie in a dusty town with no traffic light, no gas station, no motel? The area is teeming with Old West history and hardy characters. The film illustrates Kathy�s resolve, heartache, healing, and how pie is a vehicle for love and peace. You�ll see an alien, a dummy, feel connections to deep space, and hear some finger-snapping tunes. You�ll want pie. Welcome to Pie Town, New Mexico. The name is no joke. Follow the film festival circuit at This link opens in a new windowPieLadyofPieTown.com


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